Legend of Robin Red Breast

Legend of Robin Red Breast

The events surrounding the suffering and death of Christ have given rise to many legends over the years. Obviously, a legend is a story that doesn't pretend to be historical, but simply teaches a lesson. We hope you enjoy reading this during Holy Week. 

When Jesus was hanging on the cross, a plain brown robin happened by and saw how much he suffered because of the nails in his hands and feet.

The robin felt sorry for him. It flew to one of his hands and began trying to pull the nail loose. He tried and tried, but it was a large spike driven deep into the wood. 

It was some sight to see, the small bird trying so hard to do what everyone knew was impossible. Those who were heckling Jesus started to make fun of the robin too. They pointed at him and made jokes. 

But the more they laughed the harder the robin tried, pulling and straining for a long time until, exhausted, he fell to the ground and lay there with his eyes closed, unable to fly or even stand. Soon, Jesus writhed no more. He was dead. And the robin, so they thought, was dead too. 

When the robin awoke, all was quiet. He looked down at his breast and saw that it was crimson with the blood of Jesus. From that day on the robin has borne the mark of mercy on its breast.