God's Glasses

God's Glasses

A recently posted video caught my eye and made me wonder. Maybe you’ve seen it. In the video a young man arrives at his sister’s soccer game and receives a specialized pair of sunglasses that will allow him to see color for the first time. Since birth, his world has been a monochromatic view of different intensities of gray. Think of it, your entire life has never experienced blue skies, green grass, your sister’s bright soccer uniform, or even the colors of your own features reflected in the mirror. As the boy sees color around him for the first time, he is overwhelmed with the beauty of the colors. His marveling of this new world is soon replaced by an overwhelming emotional response as he grasps in an instant the world he has always missed. 

What if we put on new glasses? Not the pair that allowed this young man to see the colors of the world surrounding him, but the beauty God sees when he looks at us! What if we put on God’s glasses?

“Even before He made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes.”

Ephesians 1:4

I am a sheep, and the Lord is my shepherd. How does He see me? With what unfathomable love does he look at me with all my sins and imperfections? How do His glasses reveal the perfect creation He intended me to be? How do His glasses reveal the bright unseen colors of my life that my sins have faded to gray?

With the God-given responsibility to shepherd those in my life, I had to ask myself: How do I view the sheep I lead? How do I view my spouse? My children? My grandchildren? My neighbors, friends, co-workers, bosses? Do I view them in shades of gray … or with the magnificently brilliant colors that God has splashed over them with his divine brush of grace?

How do you view the sheep in your life?