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  •  It's right, it's real, and<br /> it's convicting.

    It's right, it's real, and
    it's convicting.

    —Patrick Lencioni

  • Shepherd leadership<br /> is all about servant<br /> leadership in action.

    Shepherd leadership
    is all about servant
    leadership in action.

    —Ken Blanchard

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Presence Point

Presence Point supports leaders by helping them intentionally live into their calling as shepherds in the lives of those they lead.

We’ll walk alongside you as you lean further into your leadership role to shepherd others and seek to fulfill your calling. Each of our workshops is led by a trained Guide, who facilitates an experience that helps you define what shepherding looks like for you, where you lead, allowing you to walk away confident in your abilities to shepherd those around you. To take up the task that was meant for you, and you alone.

Presence Point Differentiating Values

Authenticity Practicality Influence

We believe our differentiating values are demonstrated in the authenticity of the Presence Point team, the practicality of the shepherd leadership message, and the ability of that message to influence people to action.

Our Workshops

Our workshops combine in-depth exercises, discussion and individual and group activities that allow you to tangibly explore your distinct leadership role and apply the shepherd leadership concepts anywhere you lead – at home, at work in your for-profit, nonprofit, or ministry organization, in government, as a Board member, as fundraiser, or in customer relations.

Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, FL

February, 2018
Lexington Hotel & Conference Center
You Were Called to Lead

You Were Called to Lead

A leader is not defined by his or her position in an organization or company. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO, a blue-collar supervisor, or a top-dollar earner. We believe a leader is the single mom, the intern that feels overwhelmed in a new position, the dad that can’t seem to find his way.  [...]

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Featured Inspiration
The Leader As Shepherd

The Leader as Shepherd

by Holly Culhane

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Presence Point, Inc. is a nonprofit 501c3 called to support Shepherd Leaders to live into their calling.

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